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Tesla Owners Singapore is a community of owners and enthusiasts committed to advancing Tesla's mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy

Our Purpose

Tesla Owners Club advocates for Tesla by supporting legislative efforts, offering test-drives, volunteering at shows, educating new and prospective owners, hosting social events and passionately referring friends and family to explore Tesla ownership for themselves.

Our Value

We are a non-profit community partnering with Tesla HQ and Singapore to bring support, events, merchandise to existing and prospective Tesla owners.

Join Us

We invite existing owners and reservation holders to join us as Performance members!  
For all other Tesla supporters and enthusiasts, join us as Chill members

Owners Club Program

The Owners Club Program enables Tesla to engage with grassroots enthusiasts around the world.

Tesla Owners Clubs are much more than just car clubs, and are paralleled in their support and advocacy for the products and company that they rally around. They volunteer their time and energy to expand the company's mission and uplift the experiences of Tesla Owners and enthusiasts alike.

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